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Health Insurance

YOU choose about your health, and WE have the solution. mihealth is a new type of Private Medical Insurance that gives you control over your health care. It offers you the flexibility to choose treatments for yourself, without having to worry about how much money you will spend on medical bills.

What does mihealth offer to you?
-Full Coverage with a Maximum Annual Limit of €2,000,000.
-Planned Hospitalization abroad.
-Emergency hospitalization coverage during a trip abroad.
-Maternity Allowance.
-mihealth is not terminated if you are insured under the age of 50.
-20% discount on insurance premiums for dependent children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Schedule of Benefits Upper Limits
Annual Limit of Cover (excluding USA, Canada, Switzerland) €2.000.000
Emergency Travel Incidents in the USA, Canada, Switzerland €50.000
Choice of Annual Deductible amount*
€500 , €3.000 , €5.000 , €10.000 , €20.000
Choice of Coinsurance percentage 10% , 20% , 30% , 40% & 50%
Pre-Hospitalization Cover
Doctor’s Fees Full Cover
Pre-Surgical Diagnostic Tests Full Cover
Hospitalization Treatment
Hospital Charges Full Cover
Room & Board Charges Full Cover
Doctor’s Fees Full Cover
Surgeon’s fees Full Cover
Anaesthetist’s fees Full Cover
Diagnostic tests during hospitalization Full Cover
Post-Hospitalization Treatment
Physiotherapy €250 per year
Diagnostic Test & medication €200 per year
Out-Patient Cancer Therapy €12.000 per year
First Aid Accident Care Full Cover
Out-Patient or Day Case Surgical Treatment Full Cover
Other Benefits*
A. Cover of the cost of the transfer of mortal remains from abroad to Cyprus €3.500
B. Ambulance transfer €600 per year
C. Out-Patient Diagnostic Tests: €300 per year
- XRays
- CT Scans
- MRI Scans
- Endoscopic Examinations
D. Maternity Benefit
- Normal Delivery €1.500
- Caeserian Section Delivery €2.500
- Medically Induced Abortion €700
- Ectopic Pregnancy €1.500
E. Childbirth Allowance €600

** For the terms of the contract, contact us or our insurance agents.

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  • Will I gain more benefits by buying health insurance at an early age?

    The main benefit of getting health insurance at a young age is that you are healthy. This ensures a lower premium, the opportunity to choose high coverage limits and be insured for health disorders that would otherwise be considered pre-existing and not covered.

  • Who is eligible in getting insured under this scheme?

    If you are between 18-65 years old and you are a permanent resident of Cyprus, then you can participate in this health plan. One can also insure their children from 3 months to 18 years or twenty-five (25) years if they are soldiers or if they are studying in a higher educational institution in Cyprus as well as his/her spouse/partner who has not exceeded the above mentioned age limits.

  • Is maternity covered?

    The Maternity Benefit is paid for expenses related to childbirth hospitalization whether the childbirth is natural or by caesarean section, with maximum limits those indicated in the Schedule of Benefits. It is also subsidized, in the event that there are no costs for maternity hospitalization. For the payment of the maternity benefit or the childbirth allowance, the childbirth should occur at least 15 months after the date of entry of the insured mother in the insurance policy.

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