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Welcome to our online home insurance quotation service, where finding the perfect coverage for your home is just three clicks away. We understand the importance of protecting your most valuable assets, and that's why we offer three tailored plans to suit your needs.

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Home Insurance - miplace

We upgraded home insurance to meet modern and demanding needs.

You can choose the simplest CLASSIC coverage to have the necessary coverage. But, we also give you the ADVANCED option, more streamlined and with more options for extra coverage.

In addition, if you demand the best on everything, choose the fully upgraded ELITE plan so that you do not miss anything.

More than just a Home Insurance!

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Jointly Owned Building Insurance


The innovative micomplex insurance plan is addressed to the Management Committees of Common Buildings, Apartment Buildings or Complexes.

It also concerns Owners of Private Units such as apartments, houses, offices, shops, etc., which are part of a Common Building.

According to the Legislation, the Management Committee of each Common Building has an obligation to maintain insurance for the Common Building against Fire and Other Risks, at replacement value.

The micomplex plan provides the possibility of comprehensive insurance of the Common Building, Apartment Building or Complex, including the Privately Owned Private Units.

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Health Insurance Plan


We upgrade Health Insurance with the mihealth healthcare plan. A design that responds to current conditions and at the same time flexible. It can be designed with increased deductibles and co-insurance rates to be as economical as you need it.

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