Our goal is the best service and long-term cooperation. We give you the opportunity through your suggestions, complaints and remarks, to take part in the improvement and efficiency of our company. The process you have to follow is very simple.

Step 1:

  • You can complete the list on our page for faster service.
  • Contact us at info@minervacy.com
  • Call us at 7777 1414 and request the Complaints Management Department.
  • Send us your comment or complaint by mail to:
    Minerva Insurance Public Co Ltd
    Complaints Management Department
    165 Athalassas Ave.,
    2024 Strovolos or P.O. Box 23554, 1684 Nicosia

Step 2:

We will contact you immediately in the next days for more information.

Step 3:

We will notify you in writing of the company's position in the next 15 working days.

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