Terms of service

The company SPEED FIRE TOWING SERVICES LTD (which for the purposes of the present will be called "the Company") will provide in return for assistance to the vehicle specified in the attached table the following services described under the following terms:

  1. Services provided by the Company

(a). Immediate Road / Technical Assistance Services in the designated vehicle excluding trucks over 3.5 tons gross weight for which only Immediate Road Accident Services will be offered.

(b). Immediate Road Accident Services

2. Terms of services

(a). Immediate Road / Technical Assistance Services to the subscriber's designated vehicle (excluding lorries over 3.5 tonnes gross for which only Immediate Road Accident Services will be offered), ie: immediate provision of road / technical assistance including the following:

  • Vehicle insurance for damages that may be caused to the specified vehicle as a result of the towing and / or the services provided through the fault of the Company up to € 8,000.
  • Towing in a car repair shop of the subscriber's choice.
  • Repair the specified vehicle on the road if possible.
  • Tire change of the specified vehicle.
  • Starting the specified vehicle (Battery), and

(b). Immediate Road Accident Services namely: Immediate passage to the scene of the accident and completion of a claim form ensuring the following:

  • Photos of the accident scene
  • Photographs of the damage to the vehicles involved
  • Photographs of the registration certificates and insurance certificates of the vehicles involved as well as the driver's licenses of the vehicles involved.

Indication of all the details of the witnesses (name, surname, identity number, address, telephone, etc.) details of the accident and information about injuries.

3. The Company undertakes to provide the above services within a reasonable period of time depending on the distance, traffic, weather or other conditions.

4. If the damage is corrected with the means available to the Company's mobile workshop then it corrects it and sets the specified vehicle in motion. If the damage is not corrected on the spot, the Company will transport the specified vehicle with a special vehicle to the subscriber's preference workshop within its province.

5. The above services are provided to the subscriber 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Sundays and public holidays throughout the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. However, in case an on-site repair of the specified vehicle is required and the installation of spare parts or materials or fuel will be required, a corresponding charge will be made by the Company and the subscriber is obliged to make its immediate payment.

6. In order to provide the services, the subscriber is obliged to call the Company and state the registration number of the specified vehicle, the exact point where it has been immobilized and any other information that will be requested to facilitate its service.

7. In case the subscriber abandons his designated vehicle, the Company does not bear any responsibility for loss of the subscriber's personal belongings from the vehicle or for any other damage or loss suffered by it.

8. In case the subscriber has not settled his subscription, the Company is entitled to refuse to offer its services to the specified vehicle.

9. The subscriber is entitled during the validity of this agreement to request in writing as the services are pronounced on another vehicle that he will declare instead of the above defined vehicle without paying a new subscription for the remaining time of the agreement. The Company is obliged to offer its services only for the specific vehicle.

10. In case the specified vehicle is immobilized and the subscriber does not call the Company for help but any other similar company, then the Company is not obliged to pay any amount to the subscriber or to any third party who will have offered such a service.

11. In case the specified vehicle is damaged as a result of the towing and / or the services provided through the fault of the Company then the Company will compensate the subscriber for any damage suffered by the specified vehicle.

12. In case the damage of the specified vehicle is not repaired on the spot, it is up to the Company to decide which means it will use for its transportation. If the specified vehicle will require towing with a special vehicle (lift, special trailer, etc.) that the Company does not have, then it will arrange on behalf of the subscriber to find a special vehicle at its own expense.

13. In case of adverse conditions (floods, snow, ice, fog, landslides, earthquakes, cut or damaged roads and other similar conditions) the Company will make every effort to provide its services provided that this is objectively possible.

14. During the transport of the specified vehicle, the driver of the Company is given the opportunity, if possible, to serve other vehicles of subscribers that have been damaged and are in its path.

15. If the specified vehicle transports cargo at the time it will need to be towed, it is up to the Company to decide whether to tow it with its cargo or not. In case the Company at its absolute discretion decides that the specified vehicle should be towed without its load then it will help the subscriber to find at his own expense a suitable vehicle for transshipment and transport of his load.

16. If the specified vehicle is immobilized in the province where the subscriber resides (as indicated by the last known address stated by the subscriber to the Company) the Company is obliged to transport it to a workshop within that province. If the subscriber wants to transfer it to another province then he / she will be charged for the transfer.

17. The service of all subscribers will be done in order of priority depending on the time of receiving the call.

18. The Company reserves the right to terminate this agreement regardless of the reason, but in such a case it will return to the subscriber the amount due until its expiration.

19. This agreement is conditional (president president) that the specified vehicle is in good mechanical condition and in full operation.

20. The validity of this agreement is annual and is automatically renewed from year to year, meaning that the subscriber will prepay the annual amount of assistance to the Company.

21. All the terms herein are essential and the breach of any of them entitles the unnecessary party to terminate this agreement and / or to claim legal damages for damages suffered.


Services will not be offered by the Company if:

1. the subscriber does not have with him an insurance certificate or a cover note.

2. the designated vehicle needs further movement from workshop to workshop or from its residence to workshop if he had chosen to transport the designated vehicle to his residence instead of to a workshop.

3. at the time of the fault the designated vehicle took part in speed or skill races or demonstrations.

4. the driver is under the influence of alcohol or other substances and is unable to drive the specified vehicle as long as it is not damaged.

5. the Company does not have the keys of the specified vehicle that has been immobilized with the consequence that the transfer is not possible.

6. the specified vehicle was damaged before the entry into force of the contract or the renewal and has not been repaired or the specified vehicle was immobilized before the entry into force of the contract.

7. the subscriber is not able to determine the exact stopping point of the specified vehicle.

8. the designated vehicle is at a police station or elsewhere due to a traffic or other offense and not due to an accident or damage.

9. Subscribers are covered by Motor Trade insurance. In such a case only Immediate Road Accident Services are offered.

10. immobilize the specified vehicle due to a tire failure and it is not possible to change it for any reason (eg tight screws, lack of spare wheel, deflated spare wheel, etc.). In such a case, the Company will transport the specified vehicle to the nearest tire repair shop. If the subscriber wishes to transport the specified vehicle to his own tire repair shop which is further away from the nearest then he will be charged for the transfer.

11. the designated vehicle is located off the road, ditches, ravines, salt flats, sand, dirt road fields, cliffs, uneven or inaccessible roads.

12. the designated vehicle is located in closed or narrow spaces, underground or multi-storey car parks that do not allow the trailer to approach as well as when it is not possible to approach due to other obstacles.

13. The service limit is defined as follows:

  • At three (3) for annual contracts
  • At two (2) for six-month contracts
  • In one (1) for contracts with a duration of less than six months
  • Maximum number of services for each year, three (3).

There are no restrictions on calls for accidents or tire replacement.