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Welcome to our online home insurance quotation service, where finding the perfect coverage for your home is just three clicks away. We understand the importance of protecting your most valuable assets, and that's why we offer three tailored plans to suit your needs.

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miplace express COVERAGE TABLE CLASSIC express ADVANCED express ELITE express
Basic Covers
Fire from short-circuit
Lightning Strike
Fire-Extinguishing damage
Domestic use boiler/LPG explosion
Additional covers
Tempest, Storm, Windstorm
Strikes, riots, civil commotion, political or labour unrest
Malicious acts
Leakage, bursting of pipes or tank overflow
Investigation Costs for Leakage or bursting of pipes
€ 1.000

Falling of trees
Burglary - Robbery
Extension of coverage for outdoor installations and machinery

Breakage of glass (applies if it is covered as Private residence)

Content in open outdoor areas


Reinstatement Value Basis
Public liability of insured*
per event €100.000 €200.000 €200.000
Aggregate Limit €200.000 €400.000 €400.000
Pubic Liability of Pet Ownership (Aggregate Limit) €10.000 €10.000 €10.000
Supplementary Covers
Forest fire
Loss of Rent
Alternative Accommodation
Spoilage of Food in a refrigerator or freezer

Compensation for death of the Insured person*
Ambulance Service
Engineers and architects fees
Removal of debris expenses
Owner's liability to tenant

Electrical and electronic household appliances (short-circuit)


Water-meter loss


Extended explosion
Extension of unoccupancy period of insured property
31-90 days
91-180 days
181-365 days

* It does not apply when the insured is a legal entity.

** For the terms of the contract, contact us or our insurance agents.

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