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Fire and Special Perils Insurance

The Fire and Special Perils Insurance provides your company long-term future.

The needs of each Company in risk management change from year to year, depending on its size and field of activity. No Business has the same needs as another.

Our relationship with you begins with Fire and Special Perils Insurance

Ασφάλιση Πυρός και Ειδικών Κινδύνων
Basic Covers
Fire - Smoke
Fire from Short-Circuit
Lightning strike
Extinguishing Damage
Boiler / LPG explosion (inside the Building/Premises0
Tempest, Storm, Windstorm
Strikes, Riots, Civil commotion, political or labour unrest
Malicious acts
Leakage, Bursting of pipes
Falling of Trees
Burglary / Robbery
Forest fire
Engineers / Architects Fees
Removal of debris expenses
Επιπρόσθετες καλύψεις
Extended explosion
Investigation Costs for Leakage or Bursting of pipes
Water-meter loss
Breakage of glass
Extension of cover for Outdoor installations and Machinery
Content in Open Outdoors Areas
Engineers / Architects Fees (Sum Insured)
Removal of Debris expenses
Public Liability

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