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Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance

Lawyers' Professional Liability Insurance is a very important and specialized insurance policy that provides protection to professional Lawyers, in case they shall be legally liable to pay indemnity to their clients as a result of negligence or omission during the performance of their professional activity provided and which resulted to a financial loss of their customers.

Lawyers Insurance

According to The Lawyers’ Law (130 (I) of 2009 – The Lawyers’ Law (Amendment) (No. 2) Law of 2009, as from 1st January 2010, no license to practice law will be either issued or renewed, unless the lawyer has a valid insurance coverage provided by a licensed insurer, against professional liability negligence.

Compulsory Law Limits:
Our Insurance Policy provides insurance coverage for the minimum amounts required by the Pancyprian Law Association, as follows:
For each claim: € 170,860
For any insurance period: € 341,720
Additional limit: Defense Costs: € 25,630
Additional Covers:
The Minimum Limits can be increased above the minimum amounts required by law, according to clients’ needs and can also offer extension of cover with an additional premium for:
• Document Loss
• Defamation and Libel

* For more information, exceptions and offer, contact us or our insurance agents

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