Protecting your home is essential for safeguarding your property and the well-being of your family. Choosing the right home insurance coverage is crucial, as it can provide peace of mind and protection against unforeseen circumstances. At Minerva Insurance, we offer three distinct home insurance packages that cater to every need and budget. Below, we will outline the coverages provided in each package and what you should consider when making your choice.

Basic Home Insurance Coverage

The CLASSIC EXPRESS package offers basic coverage to protect your home from common risks. The coverages include:

  • Fire - Smoke: Protection from damage caused by fire and smoke.
  • Fire from Short Circuit: Coverage for damage caused by fire due to a short circuit.
  • Lightning: Protection from damage caused by lightning strikes.
  • Firefighting Damage: Coverage for damage incurred during firefighting efforts.
  • Explosion of Domestic Boilers / Gas Appliances: Protection from damage caused by the explosion of boilers or gas appliances.
  • Content in Open Outdoor Spaces: Protection for content in open outdoor spaces up to €2000.

This package is ideal for basic protection and covers the most common risks that a home in Cyprus might face.

Additional Home Insurance Coverage

The ADVANCED EXPRESS package includes all the coverages of the CLASSIC EXPRESS package and additionally offers coverage for more specialized risks:

  • Earthquake: Protection from damage caused by earthquakes.
  • Storm, Hurricane, Gale: Coverage for damage caused by weather phenomena.
  • Flood: Protection from damage caused by flooding.
  • Impact: Coverage for damage caused by the impact of vehicles or objects.
  • Riots, Strikes, Civil or Labor Disturbances: Protection from damage caused by social unrest.
  • Malicious Acts: Coverage for damage caused by vandalism or other malicious acts.
  • Leakage, Pipe Burst, or Tank Overflow: Protection from damage caused by leaks or burst pipes.
  • Investigation Costs for Leak or Pipe Burst in Common Property & Per Unit: Coverage for investigation costs of damage in common properties up to €1000.
  • Falling Trees: Protection from damage caused by falling trees.
  • Theft - Burglary: Coverage for damage caused by theft or burglary.
  • Extension of Coverage for External Installations and Machinery: Protection for external installations and machinery up to €10000.
  • Glass Breakage: Coverage for damage caused by glass breakage if the private residence is covered up to €1000.

This package is ideal for those who want broader coverage and protection from a variety of risks.

Supplementary Home Insurance Coverage

The ELITE EXPRESS package offers all the coverages of the ADVANCED EXPRESS package and additionally includes:

  • Forest Fire: Protection from damage caused by forest fires.
  • Loss of Rent: Coverage for loss of rent if the property is uninhabitable due to damage.
  • Alternative Accommodation: Provision for alternative accommodation if the home is uninhabitable.
  • Spoilage of Food in Refrigerator or Freezer: Coverage for spoilage of food due to power failure up to €300.
  • Compensation for Death of the Insured: Coverage for compensation in the event of the insured's death up to €10000.
  • Ambulance Fees: Coverage for ambulance fees up to €600.
  • Architects / Engineers Fees: Coverage for fees of architects and engineers.
  • Debris Removal Costs: Coverage for debris removal costs.
  • Owner's Liability to Tenant: Coverage for the owner's liability to the tenant up to €10000.
  • Electrical and Electronic Household Appliances (Short Circuit): Protection for electrical and electronic household appliances from short circuits up to €1500.
  • Water Meter Loss: Coverage for water meter loss up to €300.
  • Wide Explosion: Protection from damage caused by a wide explosion.

This package is ideal for those who desire the utmost protection for their home and want to cover all possible risks.


What to Look For

When choosing the right home insurance package, it's important to consider the following factors:

  1. Coverage Necessity: Evaluate which coverages are essential for protecting your home and property.
  2. Budget: Choose the package that fits your budget, ensuring it meets your basic needs.
  3. Potential Risks: Assess the potential risks in your area (e.g., earthquakes, floods) and select the appropriate package accordingly.
  4. Customer Service: Prefer an insurance company that offers prompt and efficient customer service, such as Minerva Insurance.

Contact us today, and a specialized insurance advisor will help you learn more about our home insurance coverage packages and choose the one that best fits your needs. With the right insurance, you can feel safe and protected in any circumstance.

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