Home insurance is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your property and family. Whether you own a house, an apartment, or are renting in Cyprus, Minerva Insurance offers a range of options for insuring your home. In this article, we'll look at the key factors to consider when choosing home insurance.

1. Determine the Value of Your Home and Contents

One of the first and most crucial factors to consider is accurately assessing the value of your home and its contents. This will help you choose the right amount of coverage and avoid underinsurance. Minerva Insurance simplifies this process, allowing you to get a quote within a minute.

2. Coverage and Benefits for Home Insurance

Examine the different coverages offered and ensure they meet your needs. Basic coverages include protection against fire, lightning strike and fire-extinguishing damage. Additionally, don't forget to check for any optional coverages such as earthquake, robbery or liability coverage.


3. Needs Assessment

Every home is unique, and insurance needs can vary. Minerva Insurance can support you by analyzing your specific needs, identifying potential risks, and helping you choose the appropriate insurance.

4. Customer Service

Post-purchase support is equally important. Minerva Insurance provides excellent customer service, available to answer any questions and offer guidance when needed.


Home insurance is a crucial investment that provides peace of mind and protection for the future. With Minerva Insurance, the process is straightforward and efficient. Make sure you fully understand your needs and options, and choose the coverage that best suits you.

For more information and to get a quote, visit our website or contact a Minerva Insurance representative at 77771414today.