It is universally acknowledged that running a business inevitably entails risks, with employer liability emerging as one of the most significant and challenging areas. From workplace accidents to civil claims stemming from negligence, businesses frequently confront various forms of liability.

In this context, "Employer Liability Insurance" emerges as a critical instrument for shielding your business and mitigating inevitable risks. In Cyprus, it is mandated by the Mandatory Employers' Liability Insurance Law of 1989-2014, or any subsequent legislation that amends or supersedes it. Let's delve into this essential type of insurance and the advantages it provides.

What is Employer Liability Insurance?

Employer Liability Insurance is a type of insurance that shields the employer from liability against claims originating from their employees or third parties in connection with the business's professional activities.

Benefits of Employer Liability Insurance

  1. Business Safeguarding: Errors or accidents can have severe repercussions for a business, and employer liability insurance shields your business from financial losses incurred due to civil claims.
  2. Legal Protection: Employer liability insurance furnishes legal protection by covering expenses for defending your business in the event of legal disputes.
  3. Promotion of Harmonious Employment Relations: The assurance that your business is insured can enhance trust and security in the relationship between employer and employees.
  4. Employee Well-being: Through employer liability insurance, employees feel reassured, knowing there is coverage for any workplace accidents or issues that may arise.

Minimum Coverage Limits in Cyprus

Coverage of €160,000 per employee

Coverage of €3,417,203 per incident

Coverage of €5,125,804 per insurance period


Employer liability insurance forms an integral component of a business's comprehensive insurance strategy. By safeguarding your business and fostering a secure working environment, employer liability insurance offers peace of mind and security for both your business and your employees.

For further information on employer liability insurance and its role in protecting your business, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to helping you secure a safe and prosperous future for your business.